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Mobile Development

Our skilled development teams at Duratech will help you build mobile applications that drive customer engagement and business growth.

From Idea to launch

You’ve got the vision. Presently you would like a master accomplice centered on delivering value to your business and clients. We like to say that “mobile” alludes to the client, not the device. With that in mind, We will assist you together from the beginning with basic item choices like technology, branding, plan, and encounter. And we’ll do it quick.

What we do

Duratech always keeps track of emerging technologies to deliver forward thinking mobile solutions. The latest tech give you many crucial benefits, from the highest level of security to reliable automation

iOS App Development

From API integration to ARKit solutions — our extensive expertise in iOS mobile app development and Swift will help you meet the high demands of Apple’s fans.

Android App Development

Your app will consistently work across all devices and leverage any Android tech available to date. Android mobile app development has become one of our core strengths.

Hybrid App Development

We can help you create cross-platform web-based apps, establish real-time data sync with WebSockets, create a Proof-of-Concept app, and more. We can build you a fast, reliable backend, as well as create a secure IoT infrastructure.

Native App Development

Native apps with up to 50% code reuse, forms with up to 90% shared code, complex client-server applications, and data visualization.

Let’s connect and create