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Project Consultancy

Duratech with consultancy services can help you focus on what you really need and align technology, operational and financial objectives.

Consultancy for your next Software Project

Businesses of the modern world need a complete range of digital capabilities to tackle the demands of their increasingly digitally-aware customers. We at Duratech help you in identifying the technology barriers that stand between you and more profitable business, our experienced software consultants can help you make the right decisions.

Understanding your business

Before we even think about making any recommendations, we spend time getting to know your business. We then look at the capabilities of your existing system and analyze your business operations to determine where any efficiencies could be made and what, currently, stands in the way of achieving this.

Experience-based Knowledge

Our down‑to‑code experience as a software development company enables us to observe technologies from the practical side, day by day enriching our expertise that we willingly share with customers.

Application Consultation

Our experts provide you with tailored application strategies built around high availability, usability, and security.

Our Consultancy Services

We at Duratech offer services that deliver excellence at every level and phase of your journey towards digital transformation.

Business Analysis

- Requirements analysis
- Collaborative prototyping
- Application structure
- Technical specification
- Quality assurance

Systems Analysis

- Business and system comes together
- Technical solution
- Support plan

Operational analysis

- Development methodology
- Coding standards
- System management

Digital Strategy

As digital becomes more and more pervasive, the bar is being set ever higher. To compete and win in the digital future, your company will need to move beyond a project approach and weave digital into every element of the organization—and beyond. At Duratech, we approach digital in this holistic context, helping your company achieve truly transformative results. We have deep expertise in every facet of digital, from strategy and organizational design to customer impact and scalable execution.

UX and Creative

A digital product needs the right balance of UX and UI input to produce a design with impact. How a product feels and flows uses both UX and UI to guarantee the right information is visualized in the right way. The end result is effective design and usability wrapped up in one neat package.

Technology Implementation

We guide, develop and implement technical and architectural decisions that will lead to better performance, access to more features and, most importantly, measurable results.
We keep the focus on the customer, their needs and the future, making sure what we deliver will be both secure and scalable and as integrated (or integrative) as possible.

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